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The Need:

As sellers of brand name eyewear, we are eyewitnesses to the explosively growing demand for glasses that meet the highest standards in both style and quality.

Fortunately, for the discerning consumer, there is a vast selection of frames that meet those criteria.

Unfortunately, this trend can be rather difficult to maintain as styles change quicker than you can blink, and one stylish pair is never enough to make that ultimate fashion statement.

The Solution:

Well, (drumroll, please…) that’s where GimmeShades.com enters the picture.We have permanently changed the lenses in which designer eyewear is viewed.

That’s right!  GimmeShades.com has reframed the eyewear market. No longer is there a need to sacrifice savings for the sake of style, and no longer is there a need to forgo fashion for the sake of funds.


Yes, you can have your glasses and wear them, too. As a matter of fact, you can afford to have two, three, ten or as many pairs as your fashion desire dictates.

At GimmeShades.com the choice is all yours!

Mission Statement

Design does not have to cost a pretty penny, at GimmeShades.com, our mission is to ensure that our valued customers have access to high quality fashionable and stylish eyewear at rock-bottom prices; that’s height of fashion at the lowest cost. You can’t beat that. 

We work around the clock to bring to you the best designer eyewear deals in the market every day.

In addition, remaining at the forefront of advances in style and design is our passion, ensuring that you can look your most up-to-date best all the time.